804 Highway 321 N., Lenoir City, TN 37771   
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General Information
Loudon County is one of the youngest and geographically smallest counties in Tennessee.

The history surrounding Loudon County relates to the name and creation of the county. In 1756, the English erected Fort Loudon on the southern bank of Little Tennessee River, near the mouth of the Tellico River. The fort’s primary purpose was to protect settlers from the French and Indian attacks.

On June 2, 1870, the General Assembly created Christiana County from Monroe, Blount, and Roane, but a few weeks later the name was changed in honor of the nearby Fort Loudon.

Fort Loudon was named after John Campbell, the fourth Earl of Loudon, who was commander of the English forces in America at the outbreak of the French and Indian War. While Fort Loudon’s actual site is in Monroe County, Loudon County had its own for near the present Lenoir City. Fort Grainger was built by William Blount, and was named after his wife, Mary Grainger Blount.

The act established the county was the first ever for Governor D.W.C. Senter. In August 1870, the first county officers were chosen. The Baptist Church in Loudon became the temporary building of the county court J.W. Clark & brothers built the new county court building in 1872. The Loudon County Court House is still being used today, and had been placed on the National Register of historic Buildings.

The Overhill Cherokee Indians were the first settlers of the 240 square mile Loudon County. The Cherokees built their villages on the banks of Tennessee and Little Tennessee Rivers. The English soldiers built their camps on the opposite side of the Indian Settlement.

Lenoir City originated from lands owned by General William Lenoir. As a reward for his services during the Revolutionary War, the state of North Carolina awarded Lenoir 5,000 acres located along the northern bank of the Tennessee River. The land remained on the Lenoir family until 1876.

Loudon County offers much in the way of relaxation. Fishing is a key business in the area, as is camping and other outdoor pursuits. The county’s natural resources offer unique business opportunities as well-it’s soil is similar in content to that in California’s Napa Valley, and so the county was home to wineries throughout the 19th century, and that industry recently has taken hold in the county again with the Tennessee Valley Winery, which produces wines made from grapes grown both on its lands and brought in from other regions.

Today Loudon County is an emerging economic force in the East Tennessee Region. Loudon County is predicted to have a 30% increase in population between 2000-2010. Most of this population growth will be centered in the Knoxville-Lenoir City corridor. Each year, Loudon County is also experiencing a significant amount of new commercial and industrial development. Currently over sixty manufacturing plants call Loudon County Home. The key is to the success of its location, favorable business climate, abundance of reasonable electricity, good selection of industrial properties, and especially, its highly productive labor force.

Automobile Tags
Newcomers must change their out of state vehicle registration at the time residency is declared. To register your vehicle you must bring proof of title, or if there is a lien holder, the registration, name and address of the Lien holder. For more information contact Loudon County Clerk’s office  (865) 458-3314

Banks / Financial Institutions
BB&T Lenoir City (865) 988-2400
Regions Lenoir City (865) 986-6023
First National Lenoir City (865) 986-3546
Union Planters Greenback (865) 856-3018
United Community Lenoir City (865) 986-1300
GreenBank Lenoir City (865) 988-8810
FSG Bank Lenoir City (865) 988-3375
Suntrust Bank Lenoir City (865) 988-7200
American Trust of East TN Lenoir City (865) 986-7880

Boat Rentals
Ft. Loudon Marina - 24-foot pontoon boats available by day or half day. For information call 865-986-5536

Cable TV
Intermedia ...... (865) 370-8020 ext. 155

Cross-eyed Cricket
(On PawPaw Plains road)
State Route 95
Located ½ miles north of I-40, exit 364
Lazy Acres
Rt3 Jackson Bend Road
Lenoir City, TN 37771
Off Hwy 321 south of Ft. Loudon Dam. (On Tellico Lake)
Melton Hill Dam Campground
State Route 95
1 mile north of I-40, exit 364
Yarberry Peninsula Campground
Rt. 3 Box 225
Lenoir City, TN 37771
On Fort Loudon Lake. Hwy 321 - 2 miles from dam

Chamber of Commerce

Loudon County Chamber of Commerce
318 Angel Row P.O. Box
Loudon, TN 37774
(865) 458-2067

Knoxville Area Chamber of Commerce
(865) 637-4550

Annual Average Temperature 57  
Monthly Average High Temperature January 40 July 40
Monthly Average Low Temperature January 38 July 62
Annual Average Precipitation 56"  
Annual Snowfall 11"  
Elevation 793’ Above Sea Level
Prevailing Winds Southwest  

County Tax Structure
Property Tax  
Rate Per $100 Value $1.92
Ratio of Assessment  
Residential 25%
Industrial 40%
Personal 30%
Bonded Debt $14,358,425
Assessed Valuation $564,645,085
School Tax 0
Sales Tax 9.25%

Drivers License
Newcomers have 30 days after establishing permanent residency to change their out-of-state driver’s license to a valid Tennessee license. All applicants must have verification of their Social Security Number. If you have a valid license from another state, only a vision test is required. For more information contact (865) 594-6399

All Emergency 911
Lenoir City Fire Dept (865) 986-2310
Greenback Fire Dept. (865) 986-2276
Loudon County Sheriff (865) 986-9081
Loudon County Fire Dept (865) 458-2212

Golf Courses
Golfers will want to play on one or all of Loudon County’s beautiful courses. The courses are open year round for your enjoyment.
Riverview Golf Course 865-986-6972
Located on the banks of the Tennessee River at the intersection of Interstate 75 and Sugar Limb Road 18-Hole Course opening at 8 a.m. Weekend and holiday tee times should be scheduled in advance.
Avalon Golf Course 865-986-4653
Located on OakChase Blvd in Lenoir City - 18-Hole Course and Pro shop are open from Dawn until dusk. Weekend and holiday tee times should be scheduled in advance.
Rarity Bay Golf Course 423-884-3030
Located on Rarity Bay Pky in Vonore – 18-Hole Course and Pro shop are open Tuesday thru Sunday.  Weekend and holiday tee times should be scheduled in advance.

Our lakes are popular places for fishing tournaments as well as a relaxing day of personal enjoyment. Check the tournament schedules with TVA at 865-632-3791 or area Bait Shops.

Licenses area available at most bait and sports shops, Wal-Mart and from County Clerk at the Courthouse in Loudon.

Historic Attractions
Loudon County Museum: Carmichael Inn
The Carmichael Inn is located behind the courthouse in the city of Loudon. It is an 1810 restored stagecoach inn, which now serves as a restaurant and clothing store.  For more information call The Carmichael Inn 865-408-9712

Historic Walking Tours
The Historic downtown Loudon has been renovated to form an important link with the past. You can enjoy walking through some of the city’s fine old buildings. For more information call 865-458-1442

Largest Employer
Maremont Exhaust Products 800 employees
Yale Security 410 employees
Kimberley Clark Corp 255 employees
Viskase Corp 220 employees
A E Staley Manufacturing Co. 200 employees
Astec 200 employees
Christensen Yachts (under construction) Up to 300 employees
Supra Boats Varies
Malibu Boats Varies

Region: East Tennessee
Square Miles: 240
Cities: Greenback, Lenoir City, Loudon, and Philadelphia
Distance from Knoxville:  
Lenoir City: 25 miles
Loudon: 31 miles

Fort Loudon Lake  
Ft. Loudon Marina Largest City Park at Ft. Loudon Dam. Restaurant and recreation complex. 865-986-5536
Tellico Lake Tellico Harbor Marina
Located at Marina Harbor Drive off Hwy 411 northeast of Vonore. 865-856-6806

Nearest Airport
McGhee Tyson Airport  
Nearest Commercial Service: Knoxville - 25 miles
Airlines Serving: American Eagle, Continental Express, Delta Airlines, Northwest, United Airlines, United Express, US Airways, Allegiant Air

The News Herald Lenoir City, TN (865) 986-6581
Village Connection Loudon, TN (865) 458-3565

County Population ..... 38,234

Public Boat Launch Areas
Ft. Loudon Lake Lenoir City Park, Yarberry Campground, Unitia
Melton Hill Lake Melton Hill Dam- 2 ramps
  Tellico Lake Tellico Reservoir (at the Canal), Popular Springs, Clear Creek, Lotterdale Campground, International Harbor.

Post Office
Loudon / Lenoir City Post Office
(865) 986-4025

Public Library
Greenback Public Library ..... (865) 856-2841
Lenoir City Public Library ..... (865) 986-3210

Telephone Service
Bell South ..... (865) 557-6000

Loudon Utilities ..... (865) 458-2091
LCUB ..... (865) 986-6591
TASS ..... (423)884-6400

Tennessee Valley Winery (I-75, Exit 76) 865-986-5147
Award winning wines from local grapes. Family owned. Open daily except major holidays.

Loudon County has a technologically prepared workforce for the 21st Century. We offer excellent public and private schools, training and retraining programs, and secondary education opportunities. There are 7 four-year colleges and universities, and 6 two-year institutions in the upper East Tennessee region.

Loudon County has 2 school districts - Lenoir City and Loudon School Districts. Both school districts have developed curriculum to prepare students for immediate entry into the work force. The school districts have worked together to develop an innovative program called "Education Edge." This program is designed to increase academic achievement in various subjects including math, science, and English. It includes asking every student, regardless of whether he or she is college bound, to pursue a challenging academic curriculum and meet high standards. Education Edge links learning to its application in the "real world" of work through career development at each level of schooling.

Lenoir City School District
The Lenoir City School System was organized in 1907, and has been a separate school system since the city was chartered. It consists of an elementary school (grades K-5), a middle school (grades 6-8), and a high school (grades 9-12). The system is governed by a five-member school board, which is elected by the general population. The citizens of Lenoir City take great pride in their school system and have made a commitment toward excellence. Lenoir City was the first municipality in the state of Tennessee to levy local sales tax for educational purposes. The new elementary facility was built in 1987 and received the School Architectural Award of Tennessee as well as the Loudon County Beautification Award. The middle school moved into a new building in 1990, which won the TSA School of the year Award. Pre-planning is now underway for the renovation and enlargement of Lenoir City High School. A primary goal is developing a facility, which will be state of the art for the twenty-first century. The Lenoir City School System has strong academic, technology, fine arts, vocational, and athletic programs.

For more information on Lenoir City Schools call the central office at (865) 986-8058

Loudon County School District
Loudon County's School District is comprised of 10 different schools. It is the largest public school system in the county. All graduating seniors must take the Tennessee Proficiency Test in order to receive a diploma. Due to it s quality learning environment, the School District has been recognized as a "Education of Excellence Community." Currently, over 50% of the teaching staff have at least a master's degree.

In order to prepare students adequately for today's global marketplace, school district officials are continually evaluating and improving teaching techniques. For instance, some teachers are sent to national workshops on curriculum development. At these workshops, teachers learn how to integrate communication techniques, reading, writing, teamwork, and cooperation into the current school curriculum. Business and industry has recognized these five skills as essential in the workplace.

The school system operates on a 6-3-4 plan. Elementary schools include grades K-5, middle school 6-8, and high school 9-12. The school system utilizes block scheduling, and the elementary schools have integrated language arts classes. It is the school district's objective to expose students to a variety of disciplines and cultures.

For more information on Loudon County Schools call (865) 458-5411

Medical and Hospitals
Fort Sanders Loudon Medical Center ...... (865) 271-6000

Spring ushers in the annual Dogwood Festival, wine festivals, wagon trains and horse shows. Summer months kick off the popular Lenoir City Arts & Crafts Festival, Rocking the Docks and the Civitan Poker Run followed by the July 4th Celebrations, Smoky Mountain Fiddlers Convention, Arts & Crafts Show, and Mulberry Antique Show held in historic downtown Loudon. Fall for the October Fest whose popularity draws visitors from the entire region. Winter brings in the holiday festively celebrated by the Christmas parade, festivals and historic home tours.

Its no wonder that Loudon County is the touted as the Gateway to the Smokies, with several lakes and rivers embracing and enhancing the county, including Ft. Loudon Lake, Tellico Lake, Melton Hill, and Watts Bar Lake. The community s a playground for water sports of all types, such as boating, fishing, and skiing. Other sports enthusiasts might enjoy the local archery range of one of the seven golf courses within the area.

Loudon County can be your headquarters for all kinds of land and water expeditions. Gatlinburg and The Great Smoky Mountains are just about an hour away to the east. The "Energy City" Oak Ridge and the Museum of Appalachian in Norris are less than an hour away to the North. Fort Loudon is 30 minutes to the South. You can even go by boat to the Gulf of Mexico.